Joanne Spracklen


Criminal Minds  Co-Star CBS/Dir: Rob Bailey
The Librarians  Co-Star TNT/Dir: Jonathan Frakes
Justice League Action  Recurring(Voice Over) Warner Bros.
The Nice Guys (scene w/ Russell Crowe) Shane Black Supporting Shane Black
No Solicitors Supporting John Callas
B4 Supporting Matt Stedman
Electric Slide Co-Star Tristan Patterson
Pocket Full of Gold Supporting Scatter Bros. Prod.
In Development Supporting Make Believe Pictures.
The Farewell Supporting Make Believe Pictures.
Final Toll Lead DPL Productions Lead Benjamin Eck
Remnants Lead BEC Prod.
At your Service Lead BEC Prod.
Maylin Supporting Benjamin Eck
Burning Boy Supporting What People Films
Bloody Valentine Lead Peter Diefenthaler Prod.
Commercial * Conflicts upon request
Inherit the Wind Rachel Brown 4th Wall
Sunday on the Rocks Gayle 4th Wall
AUDITION EXPERIENCE w/ Annie Grindlay : Cold reading/Audition
PERFORMER’S STUDIO WORKSHOP W/ Kathy Laughlin: Eric Morris Approach
ART SAKE ACTING STUDIO w/ Yvonne Suhor: Film I/ Meisner, Film Scene Study, and Audition Workout
Special Skills
ATHLETICS: Swimming, Running, Yoga, Hiking, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
LANGUAGES: South African dialect, British dialect, Afrikaans dialect.
OTHER: Piano, Valid US Passport
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